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A dash of 'extra'
Techno Vision Program  

Being used in over 465 schools, more than 3,85,000 students and over 25,000 teachers across India. Techno Vision is a proven curriculum with an effective method to teach students who aspire to face competitive exams.

What it offers: This is a comprehensive study course on Math, Physics and Chemistry for students of class 6th to the 9th to start with. This program can be extended to students of the 12th grade. The aim of this program is to target the holistic development of the student in the sciences which prepare them to face any kind of competitive exam that they would be interested in like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, Olympiad, NTSE, NEET, ISEET as well as new formats of examinations in the coming years.

Innovations in teaching
Gaining the edge  

The Varsity Techno Vision Program gives your child the competitive advantage and nullifies the need to invest in tutorial classes and other educational courses. Thus the burden of after-school tuitions and postal coaching classes is removed.

It is a powerful and indispensable success tool that is being initiated by schools across India to meet the high expectations of parents and students. Varsity incorporates a holistic and well-planned academic module that redefines the regular school curriculum. It helps sharpen a student's cognitive and academic skills, preparing the student for competitive exams and raising his or her performance standards beyond excellence.

Varsity has a proven success record with students topping the IIT, AIEEE, BITSAT, BHU and JIPMER entrance examinations every year. Varsity students have also excelled in the National Talent Search Examination, Indian Astronomy Olympiad, National Science Olympiad, International Junior Science Olympiad, International Mathematical Olympiad, NASA International Space Development Conference project at Washington DC, Chicago and more.

Good planning is the key  

The Varsity Techno Vision Program comprises academic support, instruction materials, assessments, and student reports. Add to these, teacher training sessions, induction sessions for new teachers, well-planned academic calendar, quality audits, and a dedicated Academic Dean. Its carefully-detailed academic module includes standard and approved text books, workbooks and special worksheets. It also includes fortnightly assessments and provides rankings to students, based on a pan-India assessment for every final exam. The assessment reports provide parents with clear insights into their child's progress, strengths and competitive prowess.

In addition, Varsity provides a comprehensive suite of infrastructure and programme management services to the educational trusts it serves. The services include but are not limited to accounting, payroll processing, vendor management, IT Management, ERP services, procurement services and Fleet maintenance.

Program Highlights:
  •  Well-planned instruction materials and academic calendar
  •  Re-engineered teaching and learning approach
  •  An Academic Dean is trained and prepared for each school
  •  Training sessions for teachers
  •  The best of books and study materials
  •  High standard assessment modules and detailed reports

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