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What's In It For Me

We aim at making our students successful… this in turn automatically makes the school and Varsity system of education stand out too. Each year more Varsity students are successful in entrance exams across the country.

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Achieving Academic Excellence

The Varsity Education System is based on the premise that students learn better through a variety of multisensory experiences, including hands-on activities, collaborative research, field trips and multimedia.

Activities are designed in such a way that in the process of mastering the topics, students also develop:
  •  Thinking Skills (creative thinking, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making)
  •  Research Orientation (consists of various activities which will involve students to gather and seek out lot of information, thereby cultivating an approach to research)
  •  Metacognition (or "learning to learn")
  •  Interdisciplinary Learning (being able to see the connections between various subjects)
  •  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills
  •  Social Skills (interpersonal, communication, presentation and collaboration skills)

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