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Redefining the academic approach

Varsity Techno Vision Program is an innovative and comprehensive education solution designed to help teachers deliver high quality instructions, with an effective blend of classroom activities and interactive multimedia demonstrations.

The Varsity curriculum enhances the existing curriculum in depth and values. For grades 6th-12th, this provides an additional 2 hours over and above standard school hours of intense drill down of key concepts in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. For primary grades, we provide an enhanced hybrid curriculum which elevates the students' learning levels. The Varsity Techno Vision Program comprises of:

Comprehensive support
  •  Continuous training to teachers for adding fresh drive to classroom teaching and helps students function as ambassadors of the school
  •  Induction for new teachers every quarter
  •  Entire academic planning for the year
Student books
  •  State of the art books
  •  Student workbooks and special worksheets
  •  A weekly assessment which will be simultaneously conducted in every school
  •  Ranking within school and all India will be provided on a weekly basis
Student report
  •  The student report will be generated on a PAN India basis
  •  Quarterly report will help parents with new insights into their wards' progress
Marketing benefits
  •  Over 465 schools can use the name Varsity Techno Vision Program
  •  A Varsity academic consultant will be present during the parent orientation at the beginning of the year

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